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We are passionate about technological innovation, and we experience this transformation daily. Our main focus is to positively impact the growth and productivity of companies of diverse sizes and markets. We are the number one company when it comes to the manufacture and use of technology for solutions in corporative communication that are 100% Brazilian.

What we deliver allows for and makes possible the total integration between companies, work teams and clients that are looking to experience transformation through the management of communication and collaboration through any means and in any place, unifying all the information in the same platform.

For companies, this signifies a transformation in their customer service, agility, and cost savings. For Digivox, this is the result of more than 15 years of experience and a global vision of work; always looking to add high-performance innovations.

This is Digivox. A company that is connected to important transformations

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Our intelligent and technological solutions provide for unique experiences and result in more time on the part of our clients to do what is good 


To deliver innovative solutions that improve the experience of clients through a committed team and strategic partnerships


To be a reference in relation to our high-added value innovative solutions, working globally as a communication system core, as well as being the sales leader in the Brazilian business market, through strategic alliances and highly qualified professionals. 


Our codes and guides

In our essence we carry the vision that we are perceived as being a company that is responsible and is committed to both our collaborators and clients. Being ethical and having respect are the drivers of our existence and as a result of this we are proud to share our Code of Ethics and Conduct and the other documents that are the guides for our daily attitudes.